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Let this be your best family vacation

In and around the Blue Lagoon, there is a wide range of activities and attractions for all ages and all seasons. Downtown Blue Lagoon is an eclectic shopping and restaurant draw with a variety of entertainment, art galleries and the Blue Lagoon Pier – a perfect place to catch the spectacular daily sunsets into the serene Blue Lagoon.

Beach Resort Activities

Discover an array of things to do at The Blue Lagoon Suites, one of the most luxurious beach resorts in Blue Lagoon. From beachfront activities to perfecting your golf game, soak up the sun while taking advantage of the many amenities and activities offered at this Blue Lagoon beach hotel.

Golf Resort Activities

Just two miles from the sugar-sand beaches of the Blue Lagoon, The Blue Lagoon Golf Resort offers luxury at every level. By day, enjoy the resorts peaceful environs while relaxing poolside or tapping into your inner athlete with onsite golf and tennis. Evenings are an epicurean’s delight with fine cuisine from Blue Lagoon Lounge and cocktails in the lively DAWN.

Local Attractions

Explore a world natural beauty, sun, sand and laid-back lifestyles. Blue Lagoon is among the most beautiful destinations in the United States. The Blue Lagoon Suites is the perfect place to discover all that Hawaii has to offer.